Cortum Farm & Co

Cortum Farm & Co



Cortum Farm & Co.

Our dream became reality in 2012, when we purchased our own slice of heaven that soon became Cortum Farm & Co. It’s here, where, with a lot of grit and grind, we began converting what had long ago been a working farm back to that same glory. Bringing it back to its’ roots, if you will. We started our small diversified farming operation with several goals in mind. Central of which was to ensure our next generation has the opportunity to experience all the wonderful aspects of agriculture that we were able to experience growing up.

We’re into pumpkins, flowers, Georgia peaches, holiday greenery, cattle, pigs, chickens and so much more! We sell out of our pride and joy-a character filled century old barn that is open on an occasional basis to the public. This is typically during our Fall pumpkin season, our Georgia peach pick-ups and our annual Holiday Happening events.

We love to collaborate with other agriculture operations and strive to find ways to involve them in our events. We also love our customers (they’re THE BEST) and the community we call home and do what we can to give back to a community that gives so much to us!

In reality, our farm’s story has only just begun because we’re still chasing dreams and writing our story-the story of Cortum Farm & Co.