Edge of the Woods Raspberry Farm

Edge of the Woods Raspberry Farm


15285 Fairfax St. PO Box 431
Indianola, IA 50125


We started growing red raspberries in 2005 for our own use with 40 plants in a new space along our hay field. Each year more plants were added including other varieties - black raspberries, lots of blackberries (my new favorite) and blueberries (now 7 years old, yumm).

The reason was simple. We wanted flavorful, fresh fruit that we knew where it came from, how it was grown and how it was harvested. We found that other people had the same concerns and came to buy our products at our local farmers' market.

In 2011 we constructed our new berry building and included other local vendors and added the jams and jellies made from our berries. We will continue to farm by the same principles that started us on this journey.

We appreciate your business and the shared desire to live and eat healthy. You have become our friends and we have enjoyed watching 2 and 3 generations come together to the farm to spend time picking berries or shopping in our berry building.